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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 16:43

More CraftID Sizes

After some experimentation we are now offering 1/2" (one half inch diameter) and 3/4" (three-quarter inch diameter) CraftID sizes.  This is in addition to our current 1", 1.5" and 2" standard sizes.

craftid-half-inch-exampleThe 1/2" CraftID size is perfect for application to small objects and objects with a small foot or small signature area.  I got the idea from a very small vase I bought at the 2011 Southern States Symposium auction.  The foot on this vase was only about 3/4" in diameter.  So any signature would have to be no more than 1/2" in order to fit.  The 1/2" CraftID can be used for text, but unless the text is very short the size of the letters may be too small to actually see.  On the other hand the 1/2" CraftID is perfect for logos that can accurately be presented in this 1/2" diameter space.  Since you get 100 of these on one minimum order sheet that brings the price down below $0.50 each.  So this might be something to use along with a hand-signed signature.  There are lots of options so be creative.

Our new 3/4" CraftID size is only slightly smaller than the standard 1" size.  The reason for making the 3/4" version is to offer a more cost-effective professional signature for your woodworking or other craft project.  A minimum order of the 3/4" size will get your 45 each 3/4" CraftIDs so they are almost half the cost per CraftID as the 1" size.  Certainly using this smaller size will make some text smaller so please consider this when deciding whether to order 3/4" or 1" CraftIDs.  The 1" version is still the most popular size, but if space or cost is an issue we now have another solution.  The 3/4" CraftID is offered in all the same options as the 1" CraftID.