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Ready to configure your CraftID? There are many standard CraftID styles, sizes and materials available in our online CraftID store.  We will be happy to customize your CraftID to match your product, marketing and promotion requirements.  We also create custom CraftIDs for singular events, special occasions, commemorations and many other situations where a standard CraftID just doesn't fit the bill.  If a custom CraftID is what you need, just contact us with your requirements.

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CraftID Sizes

Standard CraftIDs are available in 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.5" and 2" diameters.  These are designed to be installed with standard Forstner bits. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. Use your imagination and challenge us.

There are limitations with half inch diameter (0.5") CraftIDs.  These are small so text may be too small to read.  They are great for logos.  Three quarter inch and larger CraftIDs can easily present readible text.

Since the size determines how many CraftIDs we can get on a 'card' this breakdown of counts per standard card size for each CraftID size.

0.5" (Half Inch Diameter) CraftID - There are 100 of these on a standard minimum order card.

0.75" (Three-quarter Inch Diameter) CraftID - There are 45 of these on a standard minimum order card.

1" (One Inch Diameter) CraftID - There are 25 of these on a standard minimum order card.

1.5" (One and a half Inch Diameter) CraftID - There are 10 of these on a standard minimum order card.

2" (Two Inch Diameter) CraftID - There are 10 of these on a standard minimum order card.

If you have a special need for a custom size or shape CraftID please contact us so we can help you get exactly what you want.  Customization fees go from $0.00 to reasonable (yes, that's our opinion - hopefully it will be yours as well).  Give us a chance to help you show off your work.

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CraftID Artisan Styles

CraftID styles are defined by the fonts and layouts used to present the signature and other information on each CraftID.  These styles apply specifically to Artisan CraftIDs.  Professional series CraftIDs and progressively higher levels are most content-driven in design and layout.  While the same fonts and general layouts might be applicable to Professional and Professional Plus series CraftIDs you should consider that those CraftID levels will frequently be produced with different styles.

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Customizing Your CraftID

Your CraftID can be simple or decorative as your work needs.  You could be signing your work, marketing and promoting your work, or you could be using your CraftID for something completely different such as a geocaching coin, a name tag, business card and plenty of other places where you need to advertise.

A CraftID can be created to any degree of customization necessary to best sign, market and advertise your artwork, crafts and other products. Our plastic CraftIDs are made from the same materials used for making office door nameplates, custom facility labels, electrical panel labels, and thousands of other uses. If you need to label or advertise something with a durable, lasting marker or sign then a CraftID can do the job.

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CraftID Material Options

CraftIDs are most frequently made from wood and used by woodturners and woodworkers.  CraftIDs can also be made from acrylics, plastic, metals, glass and, well ... bring us your idea and we can talk.

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CraftID Fills and Finishes

CraftID fills and finishes can be added to most wood veneer and plywood versions.  Availability with plastic, acrylic, metal and other materials will vary.

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