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CraftID is a brand name for our specific products used to sign and market your art and craft work. This name was chosen primarily to name the function these medallions perform.  They identify your artwork and craft pieces.  It might be that you simply want your name on your pieces to identify you as the artisan. If you advertise, market and sell your work a CraftID can work hard for you helping to present your brand and contact information.  This enables gallery owners, art buyers and crafts collectors to more easily identify each piece and connect to you the artisan.

CraftID is a copyrighted brand name created by and for

Whispered Images
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Paul Proffitt - 770 945-2022

Please use this form for general contacts and to request general information or to report issues with order or pending orders.  We will make every effort to respond to your inquiry promptly within the next few business days.

Paul Proffitt - 770 945-2022

We are always happy to discuss special requests regarding our CraftIDs.  We would even be happy to help you review and improve the marketing of your art work or crafts.  We could not possibly anticipate every aspect of a custom CraftID request so please elaborate in the comments section as to your specific interests.