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Why Sign Your Work?

When you create art or crafts there are many reasons to sign your work.  The value of your signature varies by viewer.

As an artisan, signing your work indicates it is finished and ready for exposure. Your signature shows that you value your work. Your signature offers you an opportunity to be noticed and remembered.

To a buyer your signature indicates an artisan who cares about and is proud of their work. Your signature tells the buyer your work is important to you. It introduces then to your story.

To a collector your signature represents quality, craftsmanship, and a link to your story and body of work. Your signature connects them to you in a long term personal relationship.

A CraftID can carry and represent your signature.  Some artisans, painters and graphic artists for example, are predesposed to hand sign each completed work of art.  A CraftID will add value as a point-of-sale marketing and advertising tool.