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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 17:17

Promote Yourself

Marketing and advertising your artwork and crafts can be rewarding. For many of us as the right-brain artisan it is also a confusing, sometimes terrifying part of our business. Finding new customers is a challenge. So, what if you had help?

In case you haven't noticed it is easier to sell a second piece to an existing client. This is because they already know and like your work and sometimes know and like you as well.  So much so that when a friend or associate asks about your work they have displayed, these buyers feel honored to share their wisdom and good taste. Almost without thinking they will work to sell the newcomer on your work.  So you have this volunteer salesforce. How to you magnify it?

You must educate your buyers. Your displayed marketing materials, the gallery owner, and your displayed CraftID are your first line salesperson training program materials.  Teach your buyers about your artwork and craft work. Relate to them with your story and passion for your work. Then your buyer will be ready to step in and sell your work to anyone showing the slightest interest in their gorgeous, tasteful purchase.

Not everyone will be a buyer.  But they might still be an advocate and salesperson.  That is if they have been informed and impressed by your creativity, craftsmanship and personal artisan story.  So marketing and promoting your work at the point of sale is especially important. That's why a CraftID is a major tool in your marketing bag.  It may be the least expensive and yet most productive marketing tool you can use.

Using a CraftID can optimize your time and budget. A CraftID can identify you as the artist. A CraftID can inform clients about the artwork or piece. A CraftID can connect prospects and buyers and their friends to your website and other marketing resources. A CraftID with a QR code will help you attract and engage digital age clients. A CraftID along with your website can easily and conveniently direct buyers and collectors to similar pieces and educate them on your artistry, history, skills, and interests.  Here's how you can get started.