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Marketing with CraftIDs

In a homogenous, competitive market your art and your crafts must speak to potential buyers. As an artisan you carve distinctive turned bowls, forge emotive sculptures, orchestrate attractive stories, envision useful fashions, create collectible fantasies. All your creative energy goes to differentiating your art amid an ocean of colorful, alluring competition.  So, after your hard work and years of experience a buyer is captivated by your masterfully displayed handiwork.

You are at a critical juncture. Will it sell?

It is attractive.  It makes them feel good.  They understand it. So you begin by telling them about the piece, how you were inspired to create it, then talk about the materials and craftsmanship involved, share stories of how others have used similar pieces, even throw in a few short stories about your related experiences. Oh wait!  You're not here. The buyer is just standing, staring at your many hours of hard work in a gallery you've carefully chosen.  The gallery owner may be busy speaking with other shoppers.  Interest is waining.  But then, they notice. A medallion on your work or nearby beckons to them with contact information. Your CraftID carrying information about you, your website, or a QR code for more information gracefully invites them to learn more about you and your work.  Your CraftID signature and information immediately links them to you, your website, your story.  It's the next best thing to selling in person.

So, you've captured your buyer's attention.

You've educated them about the piece.  They begin to connect their needs with the solutions your work represents. And, they know a little about you. You've just multiplied the likelihood of a sale many times over.  Soon this buyer is happily showing your craftsmanship to friends and guests in their home or business and telling them about your and your creativity.  They even point out your artfully displayed CraftID signature.

Bingo, another new prospect attracted.

The buyer is now your salesperson. All because you made the effort to go the extra mile at the point of sale and use a CraftID to educate your buyers. And because you were smart enough to include a 'more information' sign-up on your website your buyer subscribed to your newsletter.  Now you can regularly share pictures and information with them about new pieces, your demonstration and personal appearance schedule, and care and maintenance of their newly acquired artwork. Now this prospect-turned-buyer is well on their way to becoming a collector.

Capture your buyer's attention at the point of sale.

Make life simpler and more profitable for your gallery owner. Invite more buyers to become collectors of your artwork.  Start by putting CraftIDs to work for you today.  Here's how you get started.

Did you sign it? You may not be concerned about remembrance or recognition. But many times your work is of great emotional, sentimental and artistic value to the recipient. Will they remember who made it without your signature?

A CraftID can share critical details about your art or craft piece. Using a CraftID to immediately answer shopper's questions is a huge step towards making the sale. Here are examples of how CraftIDs can be used to educate your customers.

Marketing and advertising your artwork and crafts can be rewarding. For many of us as the right-brain artisan it is also a confusing, sometimes terrifying part of our business. Finding new customers is a challenge. So, what if you had help?

We all experience people complimenting our work who don't buy. Successful artisans connect with buyers. Tell your story.  Connect the buyer's needs and desires with benefits of owning your work. Connect with your buyers everywhere your work is displayed.