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Your Beautiful Artwork Attracts A Buyer

She strolls into the shop casually perusing a dazzling array of fine arts and crafts. Will your artistry and skill capture her attention? Will she pause to learn your story?



Opportunity for more information

Your work calls to her and she comes closer. She discovers your Master CraftID and the QR code it presents. Immediately she knows there is more information available via her phone.



Almost like you were there to help

Like a moth to a flame she is drawn in and voluntarily seeks out your story using her smart phone. Almost as if you were there she becomes familiar with you and your work.



Ask for the order

Now she knows your work and your story.  She is about to become your biggest collector and an avid fan - all because you're using a Master CraftID to market and sell your work. Put a CraftID on your sales team today!

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Get Noticed

Increase sales of your beautiful and creative arts and crafts!

A CraftID signature medallion is a best way to sign handmade crafts.
A CraftID helps you market your crafts, promote artwork, and boost competitiveness
whether you sell in a gallery, sell in person, or sell online.

I recently visited a well-known, upscale gallery filled with attractive artwork and handmade crafts.  Each creative display was masterfully presented in the cozy gallery settings.  I noticed a small group of curly maple jewelry boxes and inquiried as to the artisan and buyer's interest.  The gallery owner's casual, but provocative response surprised me.  She said 'no matter what we have, it never seems to be exactly what the buyer wants'.  This could easily have been a discussion about handcarved figurines, hollow form woodturned vases, handmade quilts, acrylic paintings, woodcarvings or sculptural ironwork.  As an artisan, how can you help the gallery curator or store owner sell your crafts and artwork? Short of selling in person how can you as the artist engage each customer and explain the artistry, creativity and craftsmanship in each work of art?  How can you share your story that connects all your handiwork?  What if each piece of art tells your story for you?

A CraftID is a signature medallion that presents your name, website, contact information, a QR code and much more.

CraftIDs can help market your work and tell your story.  To be sure there are alternatives and options for signed crafts and artwork promotion.  Learn from the masters why you should sign your art and craft works.